James R Jones Builder, Inc.
A commitment to quality built homes for the best possible price in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas for over 40 years.

James R Jones began his construction company in 1973.

Starting with the dream of building affordable homes in the Tri-Cities VA and surrounding areas that were framed personally by him, he bought one lot at a time, and, as they say, the rest is history.

The company was named James R. Jones Builder, Inc. because Jimmy felt that putting your name on something signified you were proud of your work and willing to stand behind your name. His word is his bond. After a few years of getting the company up and going, developing raw land into subdivisions became a passion. As a result, over the next 40 + years he has had numerous subdivisions which bear his trademark style. 

A company built on dedication, experience and trust

The company started with the commitment by James R. Jones to build a quality home for the best possible price. The homes we provide are a reflection of his hands-on experience which he has passed down to his son that now carries on the family business.

We strive to provide quality materials and superb craftsmanship on each and every home we build. This means we take great care in selecting the sub-contractors who work on our homes, making sure they are licensed, insured, and committed to our standards of construction.

James R. Jones Builder, Inc. works to build a personal relationship with every client. We understand your home reflects your style and personality along with your investment for future happiness. Our goal is for you to enjoy your home and that is why we stand behind each and every house that carries the company name. 

Meet the Joneses
Your local quality built homes provider

Soon to be four generations of homebuilders, James R. Jones Builder Inc. constructs every home with personalized touches and quality craftsmanship.

The passion for home building began with Harold L. Jones. Known to many as Bud, he would build a few houses every year in the ’60s and ’70s as a hobby. Little did he know that his passion would live on and turn into one of the top home builders in the Tri-Cities area for generations to come

James Robert Jones

“Jimmy” founded James R. Jones Builder Inc. in 1973. He was committed to building a quality home for the best possible price. His unique craftmanship is known throughout the Tri-Cities area in both residential and commercial properties. Jimmy remains a part of the day-to-day operations providing his knowledge and guidance during the building process.

James Ryan Jones

“Jay” took ownership of the family business in 2010. While still enjoying the hands-on experience of developing raw land into a subdivision, he has the vision to design one-of-a-kind custom homes for every client. He takes pride in the attention to details as well as quality workmanship.

James Ryerson Jones

“Ryerson” shows great interest in the construction process, although his true love and excitement comes from digging in the dirt. We are proud he can carry on the family name and legacy. He will soon be the fourth generation of The Joneses to partake in the building industry.